"Like a pebble dropped in a pond, our actions and attitudes ripple outward affecting our relationships with colleagues, customers and clients.  I help others positively ripple in their workplace.”  ~ Cally Ritter 

Coping with COVID-19

Anchor Behaviors

I have delivered countless webinars on working and managing remotely during the pandemic and have loved hearing the audience's takeaways. Repeatedly folks were taken with one idea. Watch this short video to learn one working remote lifehack. 

Forget the Experts

Curious about what real people (not experts) were doing to cope with the global pandemic,  I asked friends, family, colleagues and customers to complete a brief survey on how they were managing the threat of COVID-19.  Watch this short video  to see the highlights

Silver Linings

 I'm just like you trying to find a way to contribute during this global health/financial crisis.   Hopefully, this video brings a smile to your face and gives you something positive to think about today (and 6 months from now).