Case Study


Leadership Retreats Inspire College Staff

Lasell College is a private, coeducational college in Newton, MA, with almost 2,000 students, most of whom are pursuing an undergraduate degree.

Cally Ritter worked with Lasell’s finance and administration department, which has approximately 50 employees, to lead their division retreats. The retreats are typically half-day onsite events on a specific topic, such as trust, emotional intelligence, and emotionally intelligent customer service. At times Cally has been the sole presenter for three hours; other times, she’s co-presented with another subject matter expert.

Over the course of working on the retreats, Cally’s role has grown. In addition to being a key presenter, Cally has taken on a planning role for Lasell, working collaboratively with the Director of HR to:

· Create the goals of the retreats;

· Develop session agendas;

· Structure topics, times and speakers; and

· Establish feedback mechanisms to measure the effectiveness of the retreats.

Cally has customized each retreat to fit the goals of the department. Marymichele Delaney, Director of HR, Lasell College, said, “Working with Cally on these retreats has been really valuable. She is one of my main go-to folks in terms of being creative and developing retreats that not only educate and inform, but inspire people.”

Cally also runs a biannual Manager and Supervisor training at the College, designed to ensure Lasell’s managers are well versed in best practices regarding interviewing, difficult performance conversations, salary discussions, ensuring Managers avoid legal pitfalls, and more.