Case Study


Collaboration with Bank’s HR Department Results in Successful Leadership Development Program

 Radius Bank is full-service virtual bank headquartered in Boston. Radius prides itself on its leading-edge technology, its commitment to innovation, and its superior customer service. Over the past five years, Radius has grown dramatically and it has a young, diverse employee population. 


As Radius has grown, so have the responsibilities of its managers. Radius’s manager workforce is comprised of mostly young, talented, technology-savvy people who have varying levels of supervisory experience and leadership skills. 

Recognizing the need to support its managers in leading effectively in a fast-paced environment that is continually changing, Radius’s HR leaders brought in Cally Ritter to conduct a leadership development program. Through a series of workshops, managers learned the skills they need to be great employees, great colleagues, and great supervisors.


Cally approached the project in a collaborative manner, asking HR for their concerns and areas for emphasis, as well as inviting HR to co-present on relevant topics. Cally knew that although though she was be the subject matter expert, there are times that it’s crucial for HR to be in the room to answer pointed questions about the company.

This collaborative approach was exactly what the client wanted. According to Doreen Heath, Radius’s Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, “Cally didn’t come to us with preconceived notions. Instead, she sat with us, listened to what we are about, and learned what we were trying to accomplish. Then she brought her expertise to the table and created a customized program based on what we needed.” 

This customized series of workshops for Radius’s managers focused on developing both personal and professional skills. Some of the topics she covered include:

· Communication basics

· Conflict resolution

· Effective interviewing techniques

· How to be influential

· How to have tough conversations

· How to manage without micromanaging

· Performance management

· Self motivation

· Stress management


Radius has a culture where self-development is paramount to individual success, as well as to the success of the bank overall. Because of that focus, managers availed themselves of the training Cally delivered and she often had a packed house.

As a result of its Leadership Development workshops, Radius’s managers are directly applying what they learned, which will enable them to develop the next generation of leaders and contribute to the bank’s growth.

Specific feedback from the workshops: 

“Cally was very knowledgeable and definitely a great trainer. The training was amazing.”

“I will delegate more. I will empower people more.”

“[I learned to] use what you need to be your best self to combat micromanagement.”

“[The training taught me to] delegate clearly, let them know expectations and why, and why them.”

Next Steps

Cally continues to work with Radius as the company maintains its commitment to its employees, its customers, and the community. Radius expects the future workshops Cally delivers to be just as impactful because, as Heath noted: “If we say Cally is running a topic, people sign up.”